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To My Clients:

     I've always felt that one can learn from experience and in my field it really is important because I can apply what I have learned to the benefit of future clients!  For over 25 years I have been hired and trusted to host & play exceptional music for weddings, (like the one you see above from this past year in Lahaina), corporate events, festivals, night clubs and private parties. 

     Every event client deserves a few basic things: Thorough planning by a mobile dj professional who listens to their needs and then delivers on his contract to 'make it happen'.

     As someone who has won 'The Best DJ Award' twice in highly competitive LA, I know that every party requires a unique adaptive approach. Of course I have thousands of songs and a great sound system like my competition, but when hiring a DJ for your event, it's a good idea to consider that with sound systems and song libraries being pretty equal:  "It's the DJ-pilot at the controls that counts!"

          Sincerely,  Dan Weisman


What Are You looking For In a DJ ?

 As a DJ. . .  he has accumulated a number of accomplishments few in his field can equal, 

working an astonishing variety of venues over many years as a DJ in nightclubs like the L.A. Playboy Club, or the popular Manhattan Beach nightspot Cassidy's to school festivals, reunions, of course many Weddings & Corporate Holiday events. . .  you name it Maui DJ Dan Weisman has played it with one goal in mind:To serve each & every group to the best of his ability. Staying in the moment & paying close attention every minute while adapting his music intuitively for those attending. Period.  Some clients want a more lively host & some prefer their  DJ to be more laid back . . . Dan is excellent in either role.  

  • What are you looking For in an MC?

As an MC, he brings a very unique & professional skill set to every event which sets hims apart from a crowded field. 

Dan is a popular and acclaimed performer and teacher of improvisational comedy with over 1500 workshops and 600 directed shows to his credit.  He currently teaches both privately and at U.H. Maui Campusand all over Maui.